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What is lumind?

lumind is a connected desktop light for diabetics that reminds you to check your blood glucose levels regularly. The color of the light represents your glucose status: Blue means that the sugar is too high, red signalizes that it's too low and green indicates that your in a good range. A slight pulsation of the light suggests a new checkup on your levels. You can easily enter your blood glucose readings into the lumind-app on your smartphone. The app will synchronize with lumind wirelessly. That way close partners or family members can remotely be involved into your life with diabetes.

Positive awareness

As a diabetic you have to deal with your equipment every day. That’s why we think it should look great and integrate seamlessly into your living environment.


Partners and family of diabetics are often more concerned about the disease than the diabetic himself. lumind can be helpful for both – diabetics and their loved ones. It also works remotly when you’re physically seperated, so it will help to reduce worries and to provide clarity.


lumind reminds you in an unobtrusive way that allows you to complete your current activities. It will constantly remind you until you have time to check on your levels again, so you can be sure to never lose a notification in the daily flow of information and updates.

Don’t miss any updates

You will receive updates about new features, connections and projects that we are working on. We don't give your personal information to any third-party services.

lumind iOS iPhone App - Color Sound Light

Try the fastest diabetes
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Diabetes Tips.

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Our team

What we are proud of

The purpose of the competition by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research/Projekt Zukunft is to honour innovative products, application contexts and concepts of business founders and developers from Berlin in the field of wearable IT/fashion technology. Our project was nominated for the award and we made the first place.

We went through an awesome hardware accelerator in Berlin. The accelerator is an intensive 14-day program. During the program, we got one-on-one interaction with more than 40 mentors and professionals including investors, lawyers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, developers, product managers and many more.

Das Projekt lumind wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.

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