keep calm with friends and family

(Deutsch) Keep calm and manage your diabetes

Diabetes ist ein 24-Stunden-Job. Keine Pausen, kein Urlaub und es gibt niemanden, auf den man die Arbeit abwälzen könnte – ein Leben lang. Hin und wieder in ein Motivationsloch zu […]

Insulin injections Diabetes Type 1 - Calculator

This picture is worth a thousand words

I saw this picture by Louise Porvaznik (@loumazzalou) on Instagram and I immediately calculated how often I had to poke my finger and inject insulin since I was diagnosed with […]

how chocolate changed my life

How chocolate changed my life

  It was around christmas eight years ago. I love gingerbread surrounded with dark chocolate a lot, but at this time I ate it excessively. I can exactly remember the […]

lumind at Maker Faire Berlin

Kevin was talking about ups and downs with the project, about prototypes and luminds vision for the future. We made a short video of the Festival (see below).     […]

lumind at Wear It Festival Berlin

We’ve been at the Wear It Festival Berlin! At Wear It Festival tech entrepreneurs, designers, companies, investors, scientists and media representatives meet to present, and experience, the most exciting innovations […]

Why prototyping is important

Rapid Prototyping Rapid prototyping is really important when you are developing ideas. You have to test and validate your concept and thats why we build several 3D printed  prototypes. We […]