This picture is worth a thousand words

I saw this picture by Louise Porvaznik (@loumazzalou) on Instagram and I immediately calculated how often I had to poke my finger and inject insulin since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

I usually eat three times a day and every time I eat, I also have to test my blood sugar level and then inject insulin. At time when I eat high carbs, I have to inject before and after eating to get better results. Other than that, I also have to inject when I find myself snacking between meals. In addition, throughout the duration of the day, I have to check my blood sugar level on a regular basis to make sure that everything is okay. Lastly, I injected my insulin at the end of every evening as well.

On average, I inject myself with insulin approximately six times a day after using the lancing device before each injection. I have got around 17520 pricks and pokes within the last eight years.



Kevin Röhl

How many shots do you take every year?

That girl on the picture takes about 4 shots a day.
What about you?

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